Returning to my blog!!

Looking back to my last blog post dated 28/09/19 I am reminded of my excitement about the opportunity to exhibit the outcomes of my Synapse residency at the Ars Electronica 3 Festival ……!!!

Well life has turned upside down for all of us as we have come to terms with the Pandemic and the effects of COVID 19 during 2020.

The 3 Festival was cancelled of course, so options to exhibit my Synapse outcomes are back to square one.

Physical Distancing rules have meant that I must review my preferred viewer immersive & interactive methodologies and develop other more COVID safe options!!!

Physical distancing for coronavirus (COVID-19) | Australian Government Department of Health

I am turning to technology to help me out with these changes and looking around for a suitable techno literate collaborator.

I will also return to Mirella’s lab at IHMRi (A Prof M. Dottori).  My aim is to update aspects of my Synapse residency research outcomes to suit the requirements of COVID-safe artwork exhibitions.

This brings you up to date with my situation and I hope to post regularly about my progress in the coming months.

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