Finally I am working on a concept!!

scalpel near my finger

As I have already mentioned in the Returning to my Blog post, the pandemic restrictions have changed the way I work completely.

My previously preferred interactive methodologies involving audience engagement and/or touch have been dropped for the foreseeable future.  More physically distant digital technologies such as video have taken preference for the time being.

Consequently, inspired by the latest research on organoids being carried out by my scientific collaborator: A.Prof. Mirella Dottori,  I am currently working on a video about our sense of touch entitled: Tactile.

This video explores different types of touch & the ways they affect us. It shows my apparently disembodied hands manipulating various items – both pleasant and unpleasant, in the hopes these visual images will evoke a sensory response in viewers.

I’m looking forward to completing this artwork soon and having the opportunity to show it.