neurons and messaging

My distant memories of school biology lessons were revived when Mirella drew an impromptu diagramĀ  of basics of neuronal functioning in our body. This impromptu sketch helped her to explain to me that neurons communicate via chemical and electrical synapses, in a process known as synaptic transmission. They are thus categorised as electrically excitable cells housed in the human nervous system, whose function it is to process and transmit information.

Mirella’s spontaneous explanatory diagram of the structure of a neuron

To clarify, Mirella went on to explain the basics of Neuron Principles, shown in experiments;

  1. How they fire – acceleration and different reactivities
  2. How they connect to each other and influence each other
  3. What they respond to

I also recalled that, co-incidentally, I named my Mellifera Second Life avatar: Neurone Schism (note the alternative spelling).

Here is Neurone in her steam-punk clothes, standing beside ‘OU’, our resident Bot. Nonnatus Korhonen, a.k.a. Dr Andrew Burrell, is sitting on the fence..

Perhaps the virtual world may prove to be another artistic out come to consider for one aspect of this Synapse project…..??

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